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Hi from Lance

Hi, thanks for stopping by to take a quick look at this profile page. This profile is actually one held by the Free Download Hub and not by a member. While it may not be a colourful member profile, it still can give you an idea of what the profiles look like. All Free and Premium members have their own profiles. These are also a great way to optionally share your favourite links to free products listed on the Free Download Hub site with friends and others. If you are also into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you should quickly see this and some of the premium features as great SEO tools. As a Premium member you also get a number of splash pages to promote your projects and products etc. on. These splash pages can link to outside sites. Your profile page will then automatically link to these splash pages. As the Free Download Hub grows, so will these link values for page ranking. These pages should also receive natural traffic. So there you have it. The profile pages are a great tool for both the casual Free member and those Premium members interested in SEO. Naturally there are other uses as well that you can come up with, not to mention that it is just a fun thing to have and do.
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